Our Erasmus+ students

The UT-H Radom Erasmus+ students are a group of our local as well as foreign students truly involved in the development of international cooperation. Almost all of them participated in the Erasmus/Erasmus+ mobility programme. On the ground of these experiences they can support you in your first steps during your mobility not only at the UT-H Radom but also in foreign universities of European Union. In case of any questions do not hesitate to contact with our Erasmus+ students listed below. They will answer on your questions related with the Erasmus+ mobility.

A list of our Erasmus+ students:

Name: Ivanna CHEKHUT

Contact: ivannachekhut@gmail.com

Home University: DNURT, Dnipro, Ukraine

Hello! I’m Orlando Elezi,

Hello everyone,
I’m a student from beautiful Ukraine
In 2017 I studied in UT-H Radom by program Erasmus+. Radom is comfortable and organised city. And anyway Erasmus+ is a wonderful opportunity to explore yourself, it is new acquaintances, it’s an unforgettable positive emotions. Don’t be afraid to try something new. Develop yourself with the help of such programs. If you have any questions about program Erasmus+ in UT-H Radom, please contact me.

Name: Orlando ELEZI

Contact: orlandofuego@hotmail.com

Home University: ATEI Thessaloniki

Hello! I’m Orlando Elezi,

I recently graduated from Automotive Engineering Department of Thessaloniki and now I’m looking forward for a master programme abroad. My outstanding experience in the University of Radom in 2015  made me realize that all the students should grasp the opportunity for an amazing Erasmus programme!!! I will be happy if i could help you in my city, Thessaloniki!


Contact: p.bienkowski93@gmail.com

Home University: UT-H Radom

I am studying logistics on Mechanical Department in Radom. I was taking part in Erasmus+ programme in Greece (Thessaloniki). If you have any questions about the city or university, feel free to ask me!

Name: Albi-Chris ELEZI

Contact: elezichris@hotmail.com

Home University: ATEI Thessaloniki

I am Albi-Chris Elezi. I have graduated from the departure of vehicle engineering on 2016. I was an Erasmus+ student in 2015 in Radom and that was one of my best experiences i have ever had. I like travelling and sports and I love my city Thessaloniki!


Contact: grodzinskimaciej@hotmail.com

Home University: UT-H Radom

Student of the first year at the UT-H Radom. Always willing to help with anything-problems with language, navigation over city, adaptation to new place and culture, or looking for something interesting to see.

Thanasis Pigitsakis
Contact: pigitsos@gmail.com
Home University: ATEI Thessaloniki

Hey, I am a student in Faculty of Mechanics Engineer in ATEI
University in Thessaloniki of Greece and I have took part in Erasmus
studies in Radom in summer semester of 2016/2017, so if you need some
help be sure that I am able to help you in your Erasmus+ mobility in Thessaloniki.