Course catalogue

The Faculty of Mechanical Engineering offers for all incoming exchange students possibility to choose the following courses:

1. Solid Modelling in CAD Systems.
2. Fundamentals of Finite Element Method.
3. Strenght of Materials.
4. Databases.
5. Theory of Operation ad Maintenance of Technical Systems.
6. Biofuels for Internal Combustion Engines.
7. Vehicle Diagnostics.
8. Logistic of Production.
9. Logistic and Supply Chain Management.
10. Internal Combustion Engines.
11. Eco-Logistics
12. Traffic Accident Description and Photogrammetry


All these subjects are usually individual courses taught in English at bachelor’s (BA) level each semester. The courses details are presented in syllabuses. The link (push here) will give you complete lists of syllabuses for all courses available at the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering in the academic year 2019/20.